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Hey, I'm Ahmed.  ノ^.^ノ゚

I am a self taught Front-end web developer from Egypt. I make things for the web.

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That was 10 years ago (in 2011) when I fell in love with CSS. Years later, a friend introduced me to web development, and then I actually started learning Front-end development in October 2016, and at that point I was mind blown by all that new powers!

Currently (2018-2019-2020), I’am working on improving my skills in Front-end development, in an attempt to be a special one of those people who write code and design for the web. My passion lies in building clean and modern code.

I share some ramblings as a result of my frontend daily practice. Here you can read them. Also, you can read my blog posts here.

Check out my:
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Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Contact me.

I can help you in:

Front-end Web Development:

  1. Client-side development with ReactJS
  2. UI development
  3. Implement design files into a semantic, accessible, standard and interactive web pages.
  4. Responsive Web Design.
  5. Fixing and debugging CSS issues.
  6. Build websites with clean code and modern technologies/tools/frameworks/libraries.
  7. CSS & HTML & JavaScript architecture.
Let's work together!


Sample from my projects.

  • react-todo-list-app
    Simple Todo list app built with React, Webpack and PostCSS. The data is all stored in the browser using the web storage object `localStorage`.
  • clear-view-escapes-landing-page
    Responsive HTML landing page can help showcase services, applications or products. Built with Webpack, PostCSS and VanillaJS, Code Splitting and CSS Architecture (ITCSS, OOCSS, BEM).
  • writescape-mern
    A modern full-stack single-page app (SPA) built with React, using modern practices like Hooks, Context, Reducer, Suspense and more.
    Source files for my personal website built with Eleventy and hosted with Netlify.
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